Rockport Millbrook Meadow Fund
Millbrook Meadow and Mill Pond belong to Rockport and offer a special place for our families and friends. For generations, Rockporters and visitors have skated on the Pond, fished in it, and brought their children and grandchildren to visit the ducks. Countless groups have visited the Meadow for picnics, fairs, festivals, and weddings. And each year artists come to capture its unique charm. We have all been able to enjoy this beautiful green jewel right in the heart of our Town.

The Meadow and Pond have been deteriorating for many years. The area suffers from poor drainage, weed and sediment-filled waterways, aging plantings, and large populations of invasive exotic plants. These conditions are worsening each year.

Thanks to the Mill Dam's reconstruction in 2012, we have a stable condition upon which to build a comprehensive restoration of these valued town assets.

Please make a gift to this important restoration project. The Rockport Millbrook Meadow Fund - to accept and disburse funds on behalf of the Rockport Millbrook Meadow Conservancy. These funds will be used to develop and support initiatives, in partnership with the Town of Rockport and its Department of Public Works, that ensure the restoration and maintenance of Millbrook Meadow and Mill Pond as a sustainable landscape for the enjoyment of present and future generations. Whatever you can give will be appreciated not only by residents and visitors today, but by all those to come in the years ahead.

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The Rockport Millbrook Meadow Fund is sponsored by Essex County Community Foundation. For questions regarding your online donation, please contact Michelle at or 978-777-8876. Thank you!

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