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Language & Culture Training International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, inter-denominational organization that trains and equips teachers, missionaries and cross-cultural workers with culture and language skills for effective service around the world.

Your gift goes a long way to help us keep our programs going. Funds from tuition mostly go to maintain our general needs for facilities and resources, so gifts help our staff or provide scholarships to talented students who have limited funds. With no percentages skimmed off donations, 100% of your gift will go toward the need.

A number of projects are also in need of support.

In the comments/questions box please designate how you would like your gift applied. If no designation is made, your gift will be applied at our discretion.

You may give to:

  • Great Northern University Fund (a new initiative that will have a profound impact on the Pac NW and abroad).
  • A specific staff member: please designate this with your gift.
  • Student scholarship fund.
  • 2018 fundraising campaign: Arabic & Chinese programs that will impact our world for Christ.

We thank you for considering LCTI worthy of your support. Please contact us if you have any questions about what we do or about your online gift.

If you have any questions regarding your online gift, contact us directly at (800) 799-7976 or email us at

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