Strengthen The Voice Of Community
The foundation strengthens the voice of community through hard work and membership funding. A strong, active, committed membership ensures the projects we work on and invest in are the result of the support of lots of people, rather than controlled by a few. Membership offers a connection to the sharing of ideas and holds hope that they can be made possible.

Why do we need you as a member?

When you become a member, you strengthen the collective Voice of our Community. Your membership will provide the Foundation with needed unrestricted funds to take daily action. Unrestricted funds involve a higher level of trust because they are more flexible in use, and every nonprofit needs them. Unrestricted funding allows Your Voice to be:

  • Innovative and flexible to address "real time" opportunities that become present within the community.
  • Resilient during challenging times to provide continued momentum, helping to ensure "We are made for these times".
  • Caring of the mission to connect people and building community with a comprehensive approach in four program areas, administration, financial management, fundraising, staffing, and buildings to house humans to empower collective action.
  • Passionate and trustful about the work being done and confidence in the good stewardship of Community.
  • Influential to empower our TEAM to make community and culture-building things happen.
  • Understanding that the core of the Foundation must be intact so our mission occurs.


Basic Memberships

 $ 25

 $ 50

 $ 50

 $ 100

 $ 150

 $ 250

 $ 500

 $ 1,000

 $ 2,500

 $ 5,000

Shared Service Memberships

 $ 100

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