Electronic Bank Payment Option

Our electronic payment option is a convenient, safe and secure method for making payments for our various programs to the Christian Nurturing Center.

Tuition Payments:
When you participate, tuition payments will be transferred conveniently from your checking or savings account directly to CNC. A record of each payment will appear on your monthly bank statement. You may change or cancel your recurring payment at any time by contacting CNC director, Rachel LaRitz. (Any recurring payments will automatically be cancelled after the final tuition payment for the school year is made.)

Other Payments:
Use this same convenient option to pay for any other program or one-time fees.

If you have any questions regarding online payments, please contact us directly at 908-369-5215 or e-mail us at christiannurturingcenter@gmail.com.

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All payments provided to Christian Nurturing Center comply with U.S. laws and regulations.
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