$1500 to WINNER!!!
Up to 500 Golf Balls will be Dropped from a Helicopter!

At the end of our Golf Tournament for the wounded warriors on September 18th 2017, we will be dropping up to 500 balls from a helicopter onto one hole. This will be our grand finale, so we need your help in making it a success. Each ball will be numbered 1-500. Here are the details:

1) The closest ball to the hole (or in the hole) will win $1,500
2) The cost of each Golf Ball is $10, or purchase 3 for $20
3) If there is more than one winner, the money will be split accordingly

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If you have any questions regarding your online registration, please contact us directly at (571) 248-0008 or email us at info@willingwarriors.org.

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21 Golf Balls ($140)
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27 Golf Balls ($180)
30 Golf Balls ($200)

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