Ocean River Institute

The Ocean River Institute assists individuals and grassroots groups make a difference where they live and work through environmental education, wise stewardship, and citizen science. The Ocean River Institute is first to practice environmental subsidiarity to assist groups closest to wildlife and natural areas, to educate more widely, and in collaboration with others to advance ecosystem-based adaptive management with greater public participation.

About Our Name

"All at last return to the sea--to Oceanus, the ocean river, like the ever-flowing stream of time, the beginning and the end." -Rachel Carson, The Sea Around Us

"All round the outermost rim of the shield he set the mighty stream of the river Oceanus." -Hephaistos creating Achilles' shield in Homer's the Iliad Book XVIII

"Ocean river" is a term used by Homer and Rachel Carson, among others, to describe the connected-ness of the natural world. It symbolizes the folly in attempting to separate ocean, river and watershed, which truly are linked as one. We believe in a more inclusive and holistic perspective in environmental conservation. To draw boundaries among ecosystems is not the way of the salmon, the eel, otter or osprey. Instead, we all must recognize the permeability of natural boundaries, as Carson did. ORI believes that we must follow Carson's lead to understand the complex relationships among oceans, shores, rivers and watersheds, and make environmental decisions based on this greater understanding.

For more information, dwell awhile at www.oceanriver.org or choose from a hundred educational podcasts at www.oceanriver.org/podcast/

Ocean River Institute is a fund at the Essex County Community Foundation. All donations are tax deductible. If you have any questions regarding your online donation, please contact us directly at (978) 777-8876 or email Maria Mahdasian at m.mahdasian@eccf.org. Thank you!

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