The Institute of Strategic Languages and Cultures is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, multi-denominational agency which trains and equips Christian teachers and workers for the Russian, Arabic, and Chinese speaking worlds.

Your gift goes a long way to help us keep our programs going. While we do charge tuition from our students, tuition funds only go to maintain the organization's overall needs and do not provide living expenses or salary for our teaching staff, who are all donor-supported by people like you.

In addition to providing for the needs of our staff, other worthy projects are in need of support.

In the comments/questions box please designate how you would like your gift applied. If no designation is made, your gift will be applied at our discretion.

You may give to:

  • Support the ministry of one of our training staff (Wheeler, Morton, Gavrilyuk, Falter, Jefferson, Canner or administrative staff) Please specify.
  • Student scholarship fund - help a future worker receive the training they need to be effective on the field.
  • Building renovation fund - our office spaces are in great need of updating for both safety and aesthetics.
  • Arabic or Chinese program development - these programs are still in their infancy.
  • General Fund, where needed most.
There are so many organizations out there doing great work. We thank you for considering the ISLC worthy of your dollar. Please contact us if you have any questions about our ministry.

If you have any questions regarding your online gift, contact us directly at (800) 799-7976 or email us at

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