Why do we need you as a member?

Membership fees help to fund vital operational costs necessary to keep the Foundation up and running. We have the experience, know-how, partnerships, and collaborations to respond to community opportunities and needs. Still, without your financial support for operations, we will not be able to fully do so in 2020.

This year, a major gift donor wants to support the Foundation in a meaningful way by providing a considerable matching gift challenge. If you renew your membership donation in the next 30 days, at a level that is comfortable to you, the matching gift challenge will MATCH, dollar for dollar, every dollar that you contribute, above the basic membership amount!
For example, if you renew a basic $50.00 household membership by contributing $150.00, the additional $100.00 (above the basic $50.00 membership), will be Doubled by the Match Gift Challenge and become $250.00 for our operations.

We need to raise $39,000 from our 200 members, an average donation gift of $195. Please renew your membership by filling out the form below and help us take full advantage of the Match Gift Challenge.

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