The Salvation Army Northwest Community Center Annual Luncheon
"Achievement & Entrepreneurship Through the Arts"

Friday - October 18, 2019
11:30 pm Reception | 12:00 pm Lunch
$60.00 per person

Event Chairs: Beatrice McKoy, Debbye Raing, Nan Gallagher
Testimonial Speakers: Parents, Children and Alumni

For over 15 years The Salvation Army Northwest Community Center has worked to provide a safe and enriching environment for the children of our community to grow and thrive. The center focuses on the development of the whole child with programs on nutrition, faith, and counseling. The programs offered seek to enable our children to move beyond experiences poverty can bring.

Partnering with other organizations has allowed the center to grow its services to our children and the luncheon this year highlights our collaboration with the Norton Museum of Art. Children in this program are expanding their creativity and learning the rudiments of entrepreneurship. This focus also allows children to better develop communication skills, critical thinking, and helps grow self-esteem.

We hope you will be able to attend the luncheon and hear our students inspiring stories. Below are opportunities to support the luncheon and to attend, we hope to see you there.

Some of the current programs are: * Aftercare * Homework Assistance * L.O.L. (Living Out Loud) * Young Ladies of Grace * Boy Scouts and Kids & Cops * Music Lessons * Creativity with Norton Museum of Art * Chat Stew *Basketball Clinic * Breakers - Palm Beach Tennis Program * Sophisticated Ladies * Achievement Library * Family Fun Days * Community Garden * Dance Expressions Dance Company * Weekend Tutoring * Right Side Up * Game Change Kids and so much more.

Please support one of the categories below: TOGETHER we can make a difference!

For further information or details contact Joy Tinberg at (561) 686-3530 x26268.
Thank you and God bless!


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