Sponsor a Child Through Crossing Borders

For $80 or $40 per month, you can sponsor a child of a North Korean refugee by subscribing to Crossing Borders' Child Sponsorship Program.

It currently costs about $120 per month to pay for the holistic care of children in our group homes.

Unlike other organizations that usually cover costs only associated with education and/or food, Crossing Borders takes full responsibility for each child in Second Wave. In addition to food and schooling, we provide housing, medical care, and a salary for live-in caretakers. We also provide oversight for our caretakers through missionaries from the U.S. who live in China to provide guidance and accountability for those who take care of these precious children.

Crossing Borders is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and has an outside review of our finances every year. Our standards for accountability remain high and we are making strides to make our organization even more efficient and accountable.

If you have any questions regarding your online donation, please email us at contact@crossingbordersnk.org.

If you prefer to mail in your enrollment form, please download our Child Sponsorship Form and mail it to:

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