Ramon Flick

Maranga!!! (that's how we greet each other in Uganda, where I serve the Ik people, a small tribe in Uganda)

In October 2016 God called me dramatically into the mission field (after an "unaware" life-long preparation for this chapter in my life). Initially, I launched with a 2 year missionary training program (TIMO: Training in Ministry Outreach) under the umbrella of AIM (African Inland Mission) and DIGUNA (a German mission organization).

Being trained as a missionary while in the mission field was a great experience for me. Being forced to adapt to a simpler lifestyle (no running water, no electricity, no network, no store/market, etc...) is something I wish everyone had a chance to do, because it teaches you daily to appreciate all you have.

After the official training portion of my missionary program was completed, I continued (as the only "muzungu", i.e. white man) to live amongst the Ik people, a small tribe in a very remote location in NE Uganda, to continue my established ministries. Today - I focus mainly on children and youth including almost daily events in different villages, churches and schools. Daily -- I feel the blessings of God when sharing His Word with these remote, forgotten people.

Prior to accepting my assignment in Africa - I worked in Children Ministry at Lutheran Church of Hope (Iowa). This experience equipped me perfectly for the daily challenges and tasks I face in Uganda.

I really appreciate your support (prayer and monetary) and it gives you an opportunity to be part of God's marching order to 'go out into the world to make disciples'.

Please email me if you have any questions or if you would like to sign up for my monthly newsletter: Help.the.ik@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you!

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