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  • There is a $20 NSF fee for returned ACH payments.

  • Hurricane Gymnastics is year round. A 2-week written notice is required prior to leaving Hurricane Gymnastics, LC and you are responsible for any late fees up to and including 2 weeks from the date of notice.

  • Tuition is due the 1st of the month, if not paid by the 15th, a late fee of $15 is added to your account.

  • We accept cash and check payments. We also take Discover, Mastercard, AMEX, and Visa, but there is a 3% charge for using a credit or debit card.

If you prefer to mail in your enrollment form, please download our Tuition Form and drop off or mail it to:

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45 min - $73.00/month

1 hour - $78.00/month

Prep Op (2 hrs.) - $122.00/month

Pre-Team - $131.00/month

Developmental - $159.00/month

GCA and ATL.Shores - $70.00/month

Gymcredibles (15 hours) - $102

Two 45 minute classes - $135.05/month

One 45 min. class + 1 hr. class - $140.05/month

Two 1 hour classes - $144.30/month

Team (6 hours) - $215/month

Team (7 hours) - $238/month

Team (7.5 Hours) - $240/month

Team (8 hours) - $242/month

Team (9 hours) - $244/month

Team (9.5 hours) - $246/month

Team (10 hours) - $250/month

Team (11 hours) - $258/month

Team (12 hours) - $278/month

Team (15 hours) - $314/month

Team (16 hours) - $317/month

Team (18 Hours) - $334/month

Team (20 Hours) - $345/month

Team (22 Hours) - $361/month

$15 Late Fee

Registration fee - 1st child $45

Registration fee - 2nd child $40

Registration fee - 3rd child $30

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